February 5, 2023

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Michelle Wittes Becomes Friend Of Andy Bellman On 'Spartacus Run': 'Different From Paris-Roubaix, But Totally Fun' |  Television

Michelle Wittes Becomes Friend Of Andy Bellman On ‘Spartacus Run’: ‘Different From Paris-Roubaix, But Totally Fun’ | Television

TelevisionIt could be a little more subtle for Michelle Wittes (65). In the game program “Spartacus Run”, soon to be shown on VTM, the cycling journalist will be stuck in a double lane with Andy Peelman (38). “You can be more creative with your comment.”

In “Spartacus Run”, twenty-four players compete in an obstacle course. They pull, among other things, heavy sandbags, struggle through the mud under barbed wire, face giant, steep disasters, climb meters-high nets and climb over the water via monkey ropes and monkey bars. They suffer a lot and do it with one goal: to be the fastest and the best.

Laura Tesoro, Sami Mehdi, Lauren Versnick and Avraj Rob, among others, seize their opportunity. But the most striking name on the list is that of commentator Michelle Wittes. After years of commenting on cycling, things are now much more amazing with him. “It’s something completely different than Paris-Roubaix or the Tour De France, but at least it’s fun,” says Wuyts. “BV is the one who defies crazy obstacles and sometimes pulls a funny punch: That means you can be more creative with your comment. And with Andy as a field reporter, of course I had a great fellow by my side. But I also have to admit that a number of ATVs are almost as fanatical as my rider.” Pro Cyclists Some went above and beyond to determine the best time although of course not everyone can score a great time beyond their name (Laugh)† Oh yeah, that too: expect surprises.”

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distribute the tasks

Following the example of Pedro Elias and Wesley Sonic in “The Container Cup,” the duo divide the tasks. Wuyts In the comments box, Bellman will cheer up the BVs during testing. “I was amazed at the competitiveness of the participants. A lot really went to great depths to determine the best time,” says the former agent. “Although some were…especially hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the sidelines and am proud to be able to work with such a gentleman as Michelle Wittes. We complement each other well: Michel who comments in his legendary manner, and I who can be my playful self.”

The six famous Flemish people who set the best time at the end of the stage will compete against each other in the final week. There are still BVs battling for the athletic challenge. Lindsay Bollen, Francesco Planckaert, Sean Dhondt, Jinnih Beels, Maarten Vancoillie, Ian Thomas, Johan Museeuw, Aagje Vanwalleghem and Loïc Van Impe.

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