May 28, 2024

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Michelle Yates reflects on Eveningpool's role in World Cup selection: 'Lightning rod?'  |  cycling world championship

Michelle Yates reflects on Eveningpool’s role in World Cup selection: ‘Lightning rod?’ | cycling world championship

Since this morning we know which of the riders will represent our country at the World Championships at the end of this month. The entire team is built around Wout van Aert. Michelle Wittes applauds the choice, but is surprised by the absence of Tim Wells.

“It would be brave to leave national coach Greg van Avermaet and Philip Gilbert at home,” Michel Wittes began his analysis of the World Cup selection. “But I did not expect the ancients to join, no matter how unfortunate.”

“You can win the World Cup selection based on your current level of shape. And the signals from both riders weren’t strong enough. If you can’t ride a final on the Benelux Tour, you can’t force a place in the World Cup pick. The level is two times higher.”

Why is Tim Wells being left aside?

“I’m amazed that Tim Wells isn’t there. People have always talked about two certainties beforehand. For me, Tim Wells has always been there.”

“I heard he was in the balance with Victor Campinaarts. For me you can also put him next to Remco Evenepoel or Dylan Teuns. That’s why I was going to wait for the selection until after next Sunday’s European Championships. And here’s where Campinarts is, Evenepoel and Teuns come to work together.”

I need guarantees of more than 200 km. This requires flesh, experience, insight, and a spirit of sacrifice. Wellens has all of these qualities.

“I need certainty beyond 200 km. This requires body, experience, insight and a spirit of sacrifice. Wellens has all of these qualities. He may be a boy with a special character, but that is no reason to put him aside. In the 2020 World Cup at Imola, he has proven that he can commit to 100 percent. % in favor of Wout van Aert”.

Strong men around Wout van Aert to the end

The national coach built his entire team around the spearhead of Wout van Aert. The Jumbo-Visma contestant participated in every stage of the selection process. Is this firm choice of Van Aert wise?

“Nothing can be argued against. It stands out with two heads above in terms of capabilities, actions and certainty of victory. NSIn any case, the opposition is already looking for Wout van Aert.

“What’s the alternative? I’m now thinking hard about Evenepoel’s role. I’m arguing about it. I see only one solution: let him play as a lightning rod.”

“You need a hard course on that course in Leuven. So you have to have solid pawns that push the tempo really high after 200 kilometers, so thatThat you don’t have to run against someone like Caleb Ewan in the end. This might be a job for Evenepoel. He can do Evenepoeltje by attacking and hoping people will ride with them. Then other countries have to act,” he said.

‘Van Aert still has to be on point when it comes to sprinting’

“When I went to explore the Tour, I immediately thought of two men for the overall victory: Van Aert and Van der Paul. The second thought was: It would be a quick race with one or twenty.”

“If the enemy goes fast, you can never leave Van Aert alone in the depth in the final, you have to surround him with men who can reach the enemy, and start the train if necessary. Stuyven can do that and don’t underestimate the Teuns either. The ramp access bar on Festen in Leuven.”

“Lambert also has that speed to attract a quick enemy, but with him you also have someone who has a solo that can wreak havoc. Belgians can take advantage of that.”

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