June 17, 2024

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The red dragon bows their heads to the world champion in the Polish witch's cauldron |  European Volleyball Championship

The red dragon bows their heads to the world champion in the Polish witch’s cauldron | European Volleyball Championship

Belgian volleyball men were unable to face world champion Poland at the European Championships. Backed by their fanatical audience, the Vital Heynen team had no problems against the Red Dragons. The task for the Belgians is now clear: they must win their last group match tomorrow for a chance at the 1/8 finals.

A group that could make the Belgians very difficult for the world champion. This was the second. In it, the Red Dragons’ team was sending well and keeping up with the world champion. The first point was even for Belgians and was accompanied by a flute concert from the audience.

The Red Dragons did not take this opportunity and then saw Poland score three points in a row and take the set. The host team became 2-0 in groups because in Group 1 they easily won 25-18.

The Belgians also did well at the start of the third set, but with an average acceleration for the Poles, they had to free up the turn. They pushed their team to victory in the stands.

Defeat (logical) is bad news for the dragon. They are now fourth in their group, but feel Portugal’s breath on their necks. A convincing victory over Ukraine tomorrow is a must if Belgium is to move forward.

Vital Heynen interrupts an interview with Tuerlinckx: “It was great! If he plays like this tomorrow, Belgium will always win.”

Munoz: “Tomorrow we have to win first and foremost”

Desmet: “Very bad about those two mistakes he made at the end of Set 2”

Heinen: “The number of Belgium players surprised me”

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