March 4, 2024

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Microsoft Opens the "Cloud Games" Section

Microsoft Opens the “Cloud Games” Section

New business unit launched today announce At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. New boss Kim Swift, who worked on Portal, among other things, wants to make so-called “cloud original” games.

This is different from games that were previously playable via cloud gaming services such as Xbox Game Pass. This is still about games that were originally designed to be simply downloaded, but can also be streamed directly from a server via cloud technology.

You don’t have to give up precious hard drive space for a game. With some cloud services, you can even play games directly on a screen without a computer (game).

Swift calls this form of cloud game “low hanging fruit”. It is looking for other uses for the technology.

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Cloud-native games are designed to be streamed from the cloud by default, making optimum use of the data centers in which they are located. This has several advantages: manufacturers can incorporate cloud technology into their design, such as artificial intelligence, which can perform many calculations in one fell swoop thanks to the use of multiple servers.

Cloud makers are also seeing opportunities to build larger online games that can handle multiple players at the same time thanks to the use of multiple servers. Since cloud-native games are no longer tied to what a single computer (game) can handle, it may be possible in the future anyway to use more complex games.

But cloud gaming is still in its infancy. Although Xbox isn’t the first party to express these visions of the future, relatively little research has been done on them. So we have to wait for the first real breakthrough.

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