July 22, 2024

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This is how long the phone will be updated

This is how long the phone will be updated

The Samsung Galaxy A53 has smooth hardware, but it can also count on good software support. But how long exactly will the phone be updated? Android Planet Explain it.

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Samsung Galaxy A53 Updates: Here’s the Thing

with the Galaxy A53 Samsung brings success and popularity Galaxy A52 From. The smartphone is improved in several points: the processor is faster, the battery is larger and the screen is brighter. But perhaps most important: the Galaxy A53 gets longer software updates.

As a result, users can count on Android updates for years to come with new features and security patches that prevent hackers. But how long will the Samsung Galaxy A53 be updated exactly? The company pledges to provide the phone with Android version updates for four years, and it will receive security patches for five years. This goes back to the following:

  • Version updates: Up to Android 16
  • Security updates: Until March 2027

The phone runs Android 12 and will receive upgrades to Android 13, 14, 15, and 16 anyway. This means that the Galaxy A53 is supported for much longer than competing devices, which is only good for you as a consumer.

After all, you can use your smartphone longer and you won’t miss out on new features so quickly. The A53 gets updates for about as long as it is much more expensive Galaxy S22, which was recently released. Security patches have also been appearing for years, although we don’t know (yet) if they’re released monthly.

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About Samsung A53

If you put the Galaxy A53 next to the A52 and A52s At first glance you will see little difference. Nothing has changed in the design. However, Samsung has made improvements. For example, the screen is brighter and has a higher refresh rate of 120Hz. With the Galaxy A52, that’s only 90Hz. This makes the photos look smoother.

The new smartphone is also faster than its predecessor. This is due to the powerful Exynos 1280 processor, which is also backed by 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. A version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage will also appear. The battery is larger (5000 mAh) and can be charged quickly, although you will have to purchase the adapter separately for this.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 will go on sale in the Netherlands from Friday 1 April for 449 euros. This makes the device as expensive as the A52s when it comes out. If you choose the 8 / 256GB version, you will lose 509 euros. During the pre-order period, you will receive a set of Galaxy Buds Live as a gift. Read more about Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy A53

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