July 23, 2024

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“Heardle” is the new “Wordle” for music lovers

A few months ago I started to fuss around Word† The simple game quickly got variations and now one of these variants is very popular. About Hurdela version aimed at music lovers.

Maybe we don’t have to explain to you anymore what Word He is. The game that is similar to the Dutch program languageHe’s been keeping the world busy for months now. In the meantime, quite a few other versions of the game have already appeared. Most popular of the moment Hurdel


at Hurdel You should not be looking for a word, but for a number. In the first round you will hear one second of the song. If you guess wrong or if you don’t know yet, you’ll hear an extra second in the second round. In the third round you immediately get an extra 2 seconds until you hear 16 seconds of the song in the last round.

The numbers used in Hurdel It comes from a collection of the most streamed songs of the past 10 years. So you don’t have to worry about highly obscure songs that you don’t know. Just like with Wordle, a new one is released every day Hurdel It is the same for everyone. You can play for free via this link


In addition to the general Hurdel Are there more specific versions of it? Hurdel to find. For now, this is only about releases around K-pop. So there is a file Hurdel With K-pop songs only Is there one Korean boy group BTS’s work in depth

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With the release of BTS, the first round is a little different from the other releases of Hurdel† You can’t hear the song right away, but you get a sentence of the lyrics.