July 23, 2024

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Back in force: Android 13 screensavers

Back in force: Android 13 screensavers

We used to use screensavers a lot, but we’re gone because of better screens. Looks like they’re going back to Android 13.

Screensavers used to be there to prevent the pixels from burning out in your screen. Nowadays this is no longer necessary, and this is also the case with smartphones. However, for years we have had the option to use the screensaver with Android phones.

Screensaver Android 13

Check this out if you have an Android phone. In the settings you can find three types; A clock, a slideshow from Google Photos, or a gradient animation. Android plans to make it more interesting so that more people start using it.

The website Esper found this out recently. The ‘new’ feature is in a second developer preview of Android 13† It appears that Google wants to show information on top of existing screen savers. This includes weather information, time and date. This information will then be displayed on your screen. Of course you can also disable it and before activating it you can preview it.


The question is whether we wait for this. Apparently we don’t miss it. However, Google thinks differently because we’ve already seen it with a new interface for PC. This makes more sense, because screensavers are used more often on computers. Experts wonder why Google does this with Android, since they already have Chrome OS.

Still, it can be useful. There have been rumors for some time about that google Work on a function that allows you to connect the phone to a screen. Then you can use your phone as a computer. How this works in practice is not yet known.

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