May 28, 2024

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Milan withstood several waves of attacks in Naples with Alexis Silemaekers as a substitute and scored a narrow victory in the Italian duel

Milan withstood several waves of attacks in Naples with Alexis Silemaekers as a substitute and scored a narrow victory in the Italian duel

Milan put aside Napoli 1-0 in Italy’s quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. However, the intentions were more offensive to the visitors, but that did not result in any goals. It was Ismail Benacar who gave Milan the lead before half-time. A tough victory for the Rossoneri, who can confidently head to Napoli next week.

This was the fourth time that two Italian clubs had met in the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League. Remarkable: Milan has always been one of the two teams in the previous three matches. The Rossoneri were always on top. Despite all the stats, Napoli was the clear favourite. Napoli are ahead of the rest in Serie A, while AC Milan have managed to win one of their last five league matches.

It was the first chance for Napoli right away. Krunic offered Kvaratskhelia a great gift less than a minute later, but the Bosnian cleared the ball off the line himself. Bartnoubi continued to attack the home team’s goal in the opening phase of the match, so that Milan goalkeeper Mike Meenan would never have a moment of peace. Six goal attempts in barely 13 minutes from Napoli, and that did not include the injured Victor Osimhen.

Flag corner shattered

It wasn’t until halfway through the first half that the home team put its nose to the window for the first time. Rafael Leao started from his own half and came face to face with the end line of Napoli Meret, but the Portuguese winger crossed his shot hard. Milan suddenly missed the opportunity to score the opening goal. Out of sheer frustration, Leao kicks the corner flag to pieces.

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Before rest was the price of the Rossoneri. Brahim Diaz pulled away perfectly in his own half and set off for Napoli on the 16th. There the ball ended with Bennacer crossing Leao, who shot Milan up front against the course of the match and set the San Siro on fire. In first-half injury time, Milan came close to 2-0, but Kier’s header hit the crossbar.

In the second half it was Napoli who seized the ball in search of the equaliser. Just like in the first half, it almost resulted in an early goal, but Mignan managed to flick the leather over the crossbar with his fingertips.

After an hour of playing football, the Milanese Belgians were allowed to enter the first – and later it turned out to be the only – pitch. Alexis Salemakers came on to rest top scorer Bennacer. The Neapolitan storm gradually subsided and the Rossoneri gained more control of the ball.


fight with ten

After Andre Zambo took Anguisa twice in four minutes, it was more important for Napoli to hold out for another fifteen minutes with ten men and thus keep their chances of the second leg intact. Substitute Saelemaekers showed himself a little later with a dribble in the Milan sixteen, but the Red Devils were unable to score.

With ten men, Napoli looked for an equaliser, but no more goals were scored. In injury time, Saelemaekers received a yellow card after a riot. With a 1-0 down, both teams hold their chances of advancing to the semi-finals, although Milan can go there with great confidence.