April 21, 2024

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'Mission Impossible' Makers Talk About Tom Cruise About His Expenses: 'Already About 360 Million In Costs' |  Movie

‘Mission Impossible’ Makers Talk About Tom Cruise About His Expenses: ‘Already About 360 Million In Costs’ | Movie

A huge movie might cost a bit, but even for the biggest studios there are limits. Tom has already spent about 360 million euros on extravagant shoots on foreign sites. For example, he and his entourage traveled to South Africa for recordings. According to informed sources, he has already spent about 60 million euros more than the studio had planned. “The films were already experiencing many delays anyway. Among other things, due to the Corona virus and accidents on the set,” it seems. Every time something is put off, the price goes up. So people started to worry about this price. Even a big studio like Paramount, and a great actor like Tom Cruise, they should be able to give in when it comes to that.”

Cruz is deeply involved in producing the ‘Mission: Impossible’ films. It influences all decisions made in the group. But he does not think about the costs. He only cares about the result. That’s why he doesn’t think twice before traveling abroad a few times with the whole team.”

Canning “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” cost its predecessor about 227 million euros. Cruz is already much higher. “So they made it clear to him that he’s on the budget from now on.”

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