April 22, 2024

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A big hit for Netflix: All Marvel TV specials are disappearing

A big hit for Netflix: All Marvel TV specials are disappearing

Disney will soon announce new live streams of Netflix’s Marvel Television series Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Punisher and Iron Fist. The series will permanently disappear from this streaming service on February 28.

All six series were created as a collaboration between Netflix and Marvel Television. This collaboration was launched in 2013 and led to six collections, including defenders There was one where various superheroes gathered at street level to face a common enemy.

Netflix series disappears
In 2018, many fans still assumed Marvel and Netflix would be working together for a while, but all the series they made together were quickly canceled. Then it also turns out that Disney will launch its own streaming service, and that it is home to, among other things, star Wars As well as Marvel Studios content.

Following the series’ cancellation, it turned out that reviving the cast members’ contracts was a possibility for Disney, but a contractual clause made that impossible in the short term.

After two years of waiting, that clause also expired, but the series remained on Netflix. So fans expected that they would continue to see her, but that’s different now.

In the US, Hulu and Disney+ remain suspicious as the new home of the series. Here in the Netherlands, you can assume that all shows will come to Disney+.

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