February 28, 2024

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Mobilized women of Russia protest in the Kremlin  outside

Mobilized women of Russia protest in the Kremlin outside

For months, discontent has been growing among relatives of reservists who were mobilized on orders from President Vladimir Putin in September 2022. On Saturday, about fifty participants laid red flowers on the symbolic place in central Moscow.

“We would like to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to our appeal. We have tried different methods. We have made a written appeal to parliamentarians, civil servants and government departments, but we have not been heard,” one activist told AFP. Her husband was mobilized in November 2022. “Not Fair. She said they were civilians, not soldiers.

Although any protest in Russia is usually quickly suppressed, the police did not feel the need to intervene. This indicates that the matter is sensitive in the Kremlin.

Russian state media pays little attention to the resistance of mobilized Russian women. The Kremlin wants to create an image of unity in the country in the run-up to the presidential elections in March. Putin is likely to win these.

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