July 25, 2024

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Another great Russian man died, again under mysterious circumstances

Another great Russian man died, again under mysterious circumstances

Alexander Buzakov. © Twitter / Nexta TV

A new Russian man died under mysterious circumstances. Russian news agency TASS reported that Alexander Buzhakov, director of a large shipping company, died suddenly at the age of 66.

Jill Lisenberg

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CEO of oil producer Lukoil, director of the Aviation Institute in Moscow, Russian real estate billionaire, editor-in-chief of a pro-Kremlin newspaper … Buzakov is not the first wealthy Russian to die in recent months. The causes of death that are given are often shrouded in a cloak of mystery. Earlier this week, oligarch Dmitry Zelenov died from a “fall down the stairs” while visiting friends in France.

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Buzakov, who headed a company specializing in the construction of non-nuclear submarines for 11 years, was not given an exact cause of death. In a statement to the Tass news agency, it can only be read that he died “untimely and tragically.”

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At least ten famous Russians have died under suspicious circumstances since the beginning of the war. There are suspicions that Russia itself is behind the deaths, but the exact reason for this is currently unclear. One theory is that the prominent figures would have criticized the war, while others think they knew too much about Putin.

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