May 21, 2024

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Modders are finally adding an active feature to Apex Legends

Find out what’s cool fall of titan I was? Control giant robots with a mind. You know what’s the next most amazing thing? The ability to run along walls. So this was very strange a long time ago Apex Legends, a game that takes place in the same universe as fall of titanYou may not do any of these things.

Officially anyway. Thanks to the work of depositors, they can now practically He flies Through the cards, as you can see in this video posted by MokeySniper below:

Watch them go! Apex Legends It’s okay no matter what, but if you can do it It is amazing In it, boy, will it be Explosion. And don’t let anyone tell you that this would be “game-breaking” or “completely unfair”, because while that sort of thing wouldn’t be great on current maps, of course, there’s nothing stopping you from dreaming of a world where Apex Legends The cards were designed with this capability in mind.

Unfortunately, the screenshots taken above are not something you can download or start playing with; It comes from a “modified version of Apex completely separate from the main game,” one without online lobbies, and even MokeySniper when the clip was posted was not linked to it because “because it is unofficial or endorsed by EA and Respawn..there is an unknown risk of getting banned.” Possible.

Thank you computer games!

The Apex Legends Pirates are exposed to plotting Wilde’s plan

early last month, Apex Legends It was effectively shut down by hackers who claimed to attack the game in an attempt to “save” Titanfall.

It sure is hard to be a fan of Titanfall now

If you were to check out the #Titanfall hashtag on Twitter, you’ll see a constant stream of broken hearts.

It was the mission that proved Titanfall 2 to be something special

After a few hours of the unexpectedly great single-player campaign in Titanfall 2, there’s a mission where everything takes center stage. The rules change, the story expands, and the game takes off to a higher level. This task is called “Effects and Causes” and it’s really good.