April 21, 2024

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This foldable iPhone holder seems to be the perfect MagSafe tool

This foldable iPhone holder seems to be the perfect MagSafe tool

With the arrival of the iPhone 12, a number of interesting upgrades have emerged. One of these is MagSafe. This gives you the option to charge your smartphone without having to connect a cable.

If you are someone who loves to use their iPhone 12 to watch videos, you may want to go crazy with this easy charger. Because with this option you can keep the smartphone nice and high while charging.

iPhone 12 holder is useful for your MagSafe

It’s a new product from OtterBox, a company that often releases accessories for the iPhone. In this case, it’s called Folding Stand for MagSafe. It’s only true that you have to get MagSafe on your own. This is not included when you buy it. In this regard, the holder is the one that you convert into a charger with your existing accessory.

iPhone 12 MagSafe holder
MagSafe Folding Stand (Photo: Otterbox)

The MagSafe foldable stand comes with a hinge, so you can decide for yourself how far you want your iPhone to be in the setup. If you’re not watching Netflix on it, you just put it in place, but if you’re after something, you put it upright at the point that works best for you. When you’re happy with that, put the charger in the holder and plug it into a power outlet. And from that moment on, you can easily charge your smartphone and use it in landscape mode.

Not yet in Europe

The only drawback of the MagSafe holder for iPhone 12 is that it is not yet available in the European market at the moment. For now you can only do this Recorded in the United States. It costs about $40 there. There is a good chance that it will appear here, because it does not need to be adapted to the European market in terms of strength. He’s really just pregnant.

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This foldable iPhone holder seems to be the perfect MagSafe tool

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