February 28, 2024

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More details about the fatal plane crash German actor Christian Oliver: “The original flight was cancelled” |  celebrities

More details about the fatal plane crash German actor Christian Oliver: “The original flight was cancelled” | celebrities

celebritiesThe circumstances surrounding the plane crash of German actor Christian Oliver (51) and his daughters Madita (12) and Anik (10) are becoming increasingly tragic. “Oliver actually didn't want to travel from the Caribbean island of Bequia,” says director Nick Leon, 53, who was still in contact with the actor. This is what the German newspaper “Bild” wrote.

Director Nick Leone was shooting a movie with Christian Oliver in Los Angeles until December 22. A few days ago, the German actor died in a plane crash near the island of Bequia in the Caribbean Sea. According to Leone, the actor wanted to return home as quickly as possible, because he had a big party planned in Los Angeles. The director told Bild newspaper: “He was not supposed to fly this small plane. But American Airlines canceled his original flight and he will not be able to leave until four days later.

So Oliver was very nervous. “He then went to a dive shop on the island to cancel a planned dive. The shop owner, Dave Becchia, said, 'Hey, I'm a pilot too, I can fly you.'” It was Robert “Bob” Sachs, the owner of the ill-fated Bellanca 17-30A Super. Viking. Their destination was the island of St. Lucia, 60 miles away, where Christian and his two daughters would board a flight to Los Angeles.

Sachs, a New Jersey native, ran the dive center with his wife, Cathy. It is not known how extensive his flying experience was. However, he had already posted photos of his Bellanca, built in 1974, in 2012. He obtained his current pilot's license for the plane with registration N4023B on January 3, 2022. It is valid until January 31, 2029. It is still unclear why. The plane crashed. Eyewitnesses speak of engine failure shortly after take-off. Then a strong wind allegedly blew up and pushed the plane into the water.

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look. Actor Christian Oliver dies after a plane crash

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