July 20, 2024

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CELEB 24/7.  From Nick Jonas to Jason Statham: These stars are celebrating Father’s Day |  celebrities

CELEB 24/7. From Nick Jonas to Jason Statham: These stars are celebrating Father’s Day | celebrities

celebritiesNothing is more fun than watching the lives of our fellow human beings. I wonder what they do? You can discover it here in our news stream.

Jeremy Renner He shares his daughter’s photo Ava.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Status of her actor husband Jason Statham On the flowers: “Happy Father’s Day to our King. Thank you for being such a great father to our children. I will always love you.”

Actor of “The Vampire Diaries” Ian Somerhalder: “Nothing is better than being a dad… Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. As parents, may we always strive to improve ourselves in every possible way so that we can be the brightest beacons of light for our children. Guide them and show them how to safely navigate the treacherous and rocky waters of this life” .

Catherine Zeta-Jones: “Happy Father’s Day to my husband Michael Douglas, the best dad my kids could ever have. And to my father-in-law Kirk, we love and miss you.”

David Beckham: “Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you so much and thank you for always being the support I need.”

Paris Hilton: “Happy Father’s Day not to one, but to the two great parents in my life! To my dad, thank you for teaching me the importance of hard work and love. And to my husband Carter, my greatest gift has been watching you become an amazing dad to our little boy Phoenix. I love you both so much. To All the love, laughter and memories that lie ahead!”

Jessica Bielwife Justin Timberlake: “Big love to all the fathers out there today! And to someone so near and dear to us, who loves us for who we are, no matter how many times we interrupt exercise, sleep, silence, or mental health. We love you and your tender heart more than we can say.” Eid Happy father, dear!

Daniel Joneswife Kevin Jones“Life has given us an amazing family, a happy home and love for each other. Most importantly it has given us each other. I am so grateful you are a husband. Thank you for working so hard and coming home when you get the chance, we know it’s hard. Happy Father’s Day!” “

also Priyanka Chopra put jonasha, Nick JonasIn the spotlight: “He’s your greatest hero. He’ll be the loudest voice in the room if you win. His wisdom will be the shoulders you stand on. Your tears will break his heart. He’ll never show you he’s in pain. His joy is your joy. He’s Dada or Baba or Baba or whatever You name it. I love you Nick, thank you for being with us. Maltie Mary and I are so lucky.”

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Actress “Emily in Paris” Lily Collins: “Like father like daughter. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! No one uses chopsticks or eats a burger like you. I can only hope that one day I look as good and elegant. Thank you for all the years of laughter, lessons, love. In life and food. I I love you so much.”