February 2, 2023

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Marokko stoot voor het eerst sinds 1986 door naar de 1/8e finales.

Morocco is still conceding Canada, but it will be the winner of the group | World Cup 2022

Canada has already been eliminated after defeats to Belgium and Croatia, but they can still write history against Morocco. Davies had already scored Canada’s first World Cup goal against the Croats, and their first ever World Cup win was the next achievement.

Less than 4 minutes into the match, that ambition had already taken a huge blow. After a very short pass from Vitória back, Borgan handed the ball to Ziyech and took full advantage of his fumble. From outside the penalty area, he threw the ball with a velvet touch over the goalkeeper into an empty goal.

Morocco was immediately on the bench, and the path to the 1/8 finals was wide open. Canada couldn’t repeat their bright start from the previous two matches and got a second flick midway through the first period. On a long ball from Hakimi, Miller and Vitória ruthlessly thrashed for pace as En-Nesyri beat goalkeeper Borjan 0-2.

Canada had nothing to eat, but got back into the game shortly before the break. Aguierd unfortunately got his foot on a low cross from Adekogbe and thus beat his own goalkeeper. In extra time, Nasiri almost arranged things with a beautiful second goal, but it was ruled out for offside.

And so the Canadians were able to look for a historic point in the World Cup in the second half and also pulled the net. Morocco backed off, but Canada didn’t create any good chances despite the constant pressure.

Twenty twenty before the end, the Canadian Passion nearly tied it. Hutchinson outplayed everyone with a corner kick, but I saw it hit the crossbar and then rebound not entirely behind the goal line.

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Morocco could no longer play football and escaped at the last stage when Bono misjudged a deep ball. Canada still gave it all, but it could no longer avoid it, just as in the previous participation in the 1986 World Cup, it had to go down in vain. On the other hand, Morocco qualifies to the knockout stage for the first time since 1986. Moreover, just like the group winner.