March 4, 2024

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Moscow describes a 70-year-old civil rights activist as a “foreign agent” |  outside

Moscow describes a 70-year-old civil rights activist as a “foreign agent” | outside

The Russian Ministry of Justice has classified well-known civil rights activist Oleg Orlov as a “foreign agent.” The 70-year-old, like five other people, was blacklisted, partly because of his criticism of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Russia uses the term “foreign agent” to describe opposition activists and critics. Anyone who is classified as such in Russia has to take into account all sorts of disadvantages.

Organizations, media outlets and individuals on that list will face stricter oversight of their finances. The goal is to create mistrust towards them and make their work in Russia more difficult. NGOs complain that the Russians are staying away for fear of being accused of collaborating with “foreign agents.”


Orlov has been an employee of the Russian NGO Memorial since the 1980s. For years he headed the human rights department there. As a mediator during the Chechen Wars, he organized prisoner exchanges.

The memorial was dissolved by the Russian judiciary at the end of 2021. In 2022, the non-governmental organization received the Nobel Peace Prize.


Orlov has already been sentenced to a fine of 150,000 rubles (1,500 euros) at the end of 2023 for defaming the army. However, the prosecutor's office appealed.

The human rights activist is accused of condemning the Russian attack in Ukraine. He also signed a protest article against the Russian authorities.