March 4, 2024

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Moscow wants Russian refugees to take their money and property: “Deal with the rest of the crap” |  Ukraine and Russia war

Moscow wants Russian refugees to take their money and property: “Deal with the rest of the crap” | Ukraine and Russia war

Things have been tough this week in the Russian Duma. The dispute was over the idea of ​​taking their money and property from the Russians who fled after the start of the “special military operation” in Ukraine. The same goes for well-known Russians. “For most of the departing stars, Russia is not a homeland, but a feeding trough to choose from. We have to systematically cut off the sources of nourishment,” said State Duma member Jelena Jampolskaja.

The proposal to confiscate hundreds of thousands of Russians from their property comes from the speaker of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin. There are cowards who left and sat silent. They live on wealth or work, but they leave the country and our boys fight on their own.

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By proposing to excommunicate the citizens who left Russia behind, the Russian rulers again showed that they distinguish sharply between “patriots,” those who support military action in Ukraine, and “traitors,” those who oppose it. Volodin has previously argued for dismissing the crowd of refugees who continue to work for Russian companies from abroad. But the Kremlin did not like it. This will cause further damage to the Russian economy, which has already been hit hard by Western sanctions.

It was remarkable that Vladimir Potanin, one of Russia’s richest men, turned against this idea as well. The head of the Nornickel metallurgical plant said in an interview with business newspaper RBK that the confiscation would be a “disguised or overt form of theft”. “It will destroy the investment climate in the jurisdiction where it takes place,” the billionaire said. “We shouldn’t do the same thing as the West.”

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In doing so, he touched on the question of whether expropriation was permitted under the Russian constitution. According to political commentator Dmitry Drizy from the Russian business channel “Kommersant FM”, the proposal still has some obstacles. For example, it will not attract the Russians who fled with him, he said on the radio on Wednesday. And this is necessary, because the Russian economy needs “smart brains”.

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