July 20, 2024

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‘Most frantic and sharp on the ball’

‘Most frantic and sharp on the ball’


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Louis van Gaal thinks the Netherlands national team will face a tough match against the United States in the World Cup quarter-final. The match between Netherlands and USA is scheduled to take place on Saturday at 4 pm Dutch time.

“I haven’t seen them yet, only briefly. Then you don’t have a good picture. But they finished second, and then they’re undoubtedly lower than No. 1.”

“I know from experience that matches against countries like USA and Australia, which we met at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, are always very tough,” continued the 71-year-old national coach.

“They’re very feisty and sharp on the ball.” Eight years ago, the Orange defeated Australia 3-2 in the group stage.


Cheers to the American players

American soccer players hope to eat Christian Pulisic on Saturday. Chelsea’s attacking midfielder scored the only goal (1-0) in the last group game against Iran, but also suffered an injury.

Right-back Sergino Testin (ex-Ajax) rose up after Pulisic knocked the ball home in the 38th minute. The goal scorer collided with Iranian goalkeeper Alireza Beirenwand. Pulisic did not return to the field after the break.

Pulisic made a promise to American soccer fans on Tuesday night. A hospital in Qatar said he recovered in time. “I’m so proud of my boys,” Pulisic wrote alongside a photo of himself in a hospital bed, which was shared online by the American Federation. “Don’t worry, I’m ready for Saturday.”


Christian Pulisic leaves the field injured

Positive balance

Van Gaal therefore expects a tough match, but the Orange have a positive draw against the United States. The Orange had won four of their previous five meetings with the Americans. They are all practice matches. The last game, in 2015, was a 3-4 loss.

The first game between the Orange and ‘Team USA’ was in Miami in 1998. Netherlands won with goals from Ronald de Boer and Clarence Seedorf.

Four years later it was 2-0 again for the Orange. In 2004 and 2010, the Dutch national team won 1-0 and 2-1 against the Americans in Amsterdam respectively.