April 16, 2024

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Murder Moyes, politicians and businessmen summoned to prosecutor’s office – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – PORT AU PRINCE, 10 JUL – After announcing to investigate the heads of the Presidential Security Services who are believed to be fugitives during the attack that led to the death of President Jovnell Moyes, the Haitian public prosecutor announced on Monday to hear the testimonies of some political leaders and businessmen on the matter, at various levels.

Port O’Connor’s Attorney General Me Bed-Ford Clad writes for the Noveliste newspaper today, entrepreneur and political leader Reginald Blos Loss, former Senator Steven Benoit, former leader of the right-wing Haitian Party, My Action (AAA), as well as Yuri Lordore, Worp (located in the United States) and Jean-Marie Worp.

Lawyer Pete-Ford Claude, who was contacted by phone by the newspaper, explained that these individuals were being called to testify at the inquest into the assassination of President Moss because some had “made public statements”, while others had “clues lead to summoning them”.

A total of nine people were called to testify, including four senior presidential security officials.

The investigation, which began shortly after the assassination of the head of state, quickly led to the conviction of American workers (28) of Colombian and Haitian descent as the subject of the murder, while the mystery about the motives is even greater. Provoke Royals and attack. (On the handle).

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