June 13, 2024

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Must Read: It’s a technology and now it’s paying off too

Must Read: It’s a technology and now it’s paying off too

Catching up with smaller European companies makes sense
After two years of poor performance, European small caps may outperform their large cap counterparts. Economic data favors small companies, and valuation spreads have risen to record levels, according to equity strategist Wolf von Rotberg of private bank J Safra Sarasin.

Van Lanchot Kempen remains overweight on government bonds
According to Van Lanschot Kempen, stock prices have risen dramatically. The asset manager is therefore happy with its excess position in government bonds and remains neutral on equities.

Are tech companies the new dividend aristocrats?
Tech giants like Alphabet and Meta will pay dividends for the first time, but tech stocks don’t fit into all dividend funds. Morningstar Analytics.

A hard landing in the United States is not ruled out
Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, fears for the US economy and a stagflation scenario in which inflation continues to rise but economic growth declines due to high unemployment rates. at least, He told CNBC.

Four special facts about the American economy
Example: The United States is the largest oil producer in the world, and the younger generation of Americans earns more than previous generations. Ben Carlson, come in.

Condition of raw materials
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Everyone wants copper these days

Don’t believe the artificial intelligence hype!
Daron Acemoglu for Project Syndicate: “If you listened to technology industry leaders, business forecasters, and much of the media, you might think that recent advances in generative AI would soon bring extraordinary productivity benefits, revolutionizing life as we know it. However, neither economic theory nor data supports Such ample expectations.”

Well, Nvidia is doing a great job

Greed is good, patience is good
Last week, Ivan Boesky, whose character Gordon Gekko was based in the film Wall Street and whose most famous phrase was “greed is good,” died last week. However, insider trading is not “good” and Boesky had to pay a $100 million fine and spend a few years in prison for it in the late 1980s.
Boesky will no doubt appreciate and understand meme stock trader Roaring Kitty’s return to the market — and the reaction to it. is reading Eric Moritz’s latest blog.

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ABN AMRO is the biggest climber in the mortgage market
The Dutch mortgage market reached €27.4 billion in the first quarter of this year, significantly higher than in the same period last year. It appears from New IG&H Mortgage Update.

Meanwhile, home prices continue to rise sharply
In April 2024, existing owner-occupied home prices were 7.5 percent higher on average than in April 2023. Compared to March 2024, prices rose 1.0 percent in April. Price developments in this message are based on Price index for existing, owner-occupied homes In the Netherlands from the CBS and Land Registry.

The new government considered itself rich very early
The proposed new government of PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB unfairly considers itself rich by some measures. The parties want to pay less to Europe and make deep cuts in the civil service. They will not succeed, as the Central Planning Office expects. RTL Z Report.

The Japanese bond market is slowly returning to normal

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