June 13, 2024

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Stock Market View: Degroof Petercam revises its price target for Ackermans

Stock Market View: Degroof Petercam revises its price target for Ackermans

(ABM FN) Degroof Petercam set the price target for Ackermans & van Haaren under review while maintaining a buy recommendation. This was stated in a report by analyst Chris Keepers on Thursday.

Kippers estimates the current intrinsic value of the holding company’s stake at €215.10, representing a discount of 20.7 percent.

Private banking activities continue to deliver good results and net inflows improve further.

Kippers has increased its outlook for this division, which will likely lead to a higher target price.

The analyst has been seeing for some time that the good results of private banking services are not reflected in the share price.

To interest investors in Ackerman’s stake, he believes a large deal may be enough. Ackermans still has approximately €417 million in cash. Kippers prefer one large transaction to a number of smaller transactions.

According to the analyst, the net cash position remains strong at 417 million euros, which is a preliminary calculation after the cancellation of treasury shares in April.

On the Brussels Stock Exchange, Ackermans shares fell 4.2 percent to 163.30 euros on Thursday.

Source: ABM Financial News

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