April 15, 2024

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Namibia and the Netherlands to strengthen bilateral agreements

Namibia and the Netherlands to strengthen bilateral agreements

Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation at Netflix Nandi Ntaido said that Namibia and the Netherlands will continue to strengthen their bilateral relations while intensifying cooperation in many areas.

It includes tourism, trade, energy and infrastructure sectors.

Nandi-Nidwa spoke with the country’s ambassador to South Africa, Hon Peters, on Wednesday at a vaccine handover ceremony from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands provided 75,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Namibia.

The shipment arrived on Sunday and the government distributed it to vaccination sites on Monday.

The minister said that this donation shows the unity between the two countries.

“This donation comes at a critical time in the distribution of vaccines, especially the astronomical vaccine, so some people go without a second dose,” he said.

Namibia must have at least 60% to 80% of the vaccinated population to be immune and best armed against Govt-19.

However, the state has not vaccinated more than 5% of the population so far.

“Dank U, Holland,” said Nandi Ndayitwa.

He said that in addition to science, technology, innovation and education, Namibia has also seen projects initiated by the Netherlands to support Namibia’s green economy.

This partnership has contributed to the exchange of much-needed jobs and skills for Namibians with a special focus on youth. Similarly, the support from the Netherlands has improved the quality of life in many countries, and we are very grateful for that. “There is excellent cooperation on several levels, including international peace and security,” he said.

Peters said he is proud of the joint effort that has led to the delivery of vaccines over the past two weeks.

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He said it started as a personal initiative of Dutch and Namibian citizens who want to help Namibia during epidemics.

The Namibian and Dutch governments have worked together to create the conditions to do all this and to ensure fast and safe supplies.