March 22, 2023

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Paul Boniface wrote a book, Silence! Why Waking Up Isn't Good: "No room for humor or nuance"

Paul Boniface wrote a book, Silence! Why Waking Up Isn’t Good: “No room for humor or nuance”

“Why waking up is not good.” This is what entrepreneur and opinion maker Paul Boonefaes’ Treasures explains in his 143-page book on the extreme form of political correctness that is becoming increasingly popular in the media and even in the business community. “Wake up is the ideology of the victim. The white heterosexual man always wears heels.”

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The basis of the book Shut up! Why wasn’t it woken up properly during the coronal bombardment. “I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions about this phenomenon for some time, but during the health crisis, I took a long time to delve into it.” “Where does this magic come from? Well, I was born in 1965, into a middle-class family in Ostend, and I feel like a kid in the free ’70s. My dad was very controlling, but I went everywhere with my friends, like Rock Torhout, and the progressive magazine Humo It was an important part of my window to the world.” Monthy Python “Monty Python movies, especially Life of Brian from 1979, were also an important benchmark to me. This movie should or may not have been made 30 years ago. But it’s no longer made 30-40 years later, so today , for not being politically correct. And this is an obvious problem with the whole waking culture. There is no place for humor or nuance. Yes, so I’m afraid to lose the freedom of my youth, the freedom to think and speak.” MBA Vlerick School of Business. Freedom has always been very important to me “My father was a writer in the marine sector and I also entered this sector but in a different way. Freedom has always been very important to me and I started a one-person rental company for large marine vessels. It went well, but in the long run It became more and more difficult to compete with large conglomerates and I left. ” Paul Boniface does not hide that he gained a large degree of financial freedom through his activities as a charterer of ships. Since about 2010, he spends much of his time, besides investing in real estate and private equity, as an opinion maker on social topics. In his book, he highlights the origins of wakefulness ideology that date back to shortly after World War II. “Awakening is the ideology of the victim. Everything that can happen to anyone is due to skin color, race, gender, origin or orientation. There is no such thing as a personal advantage.” “creeping poison” One of the worst transgressions is to damage the reputation or even steal bread for anyone who says or does something inconsistent with the ideology of vigilance. Look what happened to sports journalist Eddie Demarez. Or the hysteria surrounding Zuwarte Peet. The hype around some Fawlty Towers broadcasts or FC De Kampioenen “Big corporations are jumping on the waking bandwagon to pretend that the media and opinion makers, who are dominated by the left, will leave them alone. Wook is sure to make the far right in politics a dormant empire. The vast majority of the population opposes this awakened madness and will express Frustrate it by voting for extremist parties. In this way there is no longer center and no room for compromise. It is a vicious poison. In any case, the heterosexual white man is always the head of the jute.”

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