June 18, 2024

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Versus owner asks about the "unscientific" CO2 standard: "Why should we be more holy than school buildings?"  |  Hasselt

Versus owner asks about the “unscientific” CO2 standard: “Why should we be more holy than school buildings?” | Hasselt

Hasselt“Although Versuz has a perfect ventilation system and does everything in its power, it is almost impossible to meet the CO2 standard,” which roughly translates to Researchers’ conclusion After a test case at the disco in September. Thus, Versuz owner Yves Smolders receives scientific evidence of what he has been saying for some time. “I don’t understand that we always have to be the government’s peace offer,” he says in his response.

It is only possible to comply with the CO2 standard when the five doors in the Versuz’s roof are tightly open and only 60 percent of the capacity is occupied. This is evident from the research that has been done. “The standards that are imposed are not proven by anything,” Smulders says. It is useless and imposed without scientific evidence. I don’t understand why such things could happen. You can’t just ask a plane to fly at 300 kilometers per hour, because then it will crash.”


Smolders does not understand the “ad hoc decisions” of government. “So what should we do with all the extras that come with the disco? Fireworks or smoke machines, to give just two examples. Then we’re immediately at the limit.. – I don’t understand that we should be more sacred than the school buildings. Everyone should think. Environmentally, so to speak, but in the meantime we’re pushing warm air through the windows and doors… That doesn’t make sense, does it?”

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air cleaning system

In his research, Professor Brocken suggests an air purification system that removes saliva droplets from the air. Smolders asks for legal CO2 standards to be reviewed first. “These have to be determined scientifically. Then we can talk about such a system. Now that is not the case. Discos are targeted, but I don’t see any CO2 meters on planes and government buildings themselves that don’t meet these standards either. I think that’s too bad” .