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Charleroi slalom on his own track to a triple pointer against KV Oostende |  Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Charleroi slalom on his own track to a triple pointer against KV Oostende | Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

Charleroi started the Jupiler Pro League second leg with a win. In the white Mamburg, Ostend above the knee with a late goal from Loic Beselli. In the standings, Carulo has jumped to take fourth place at the moment.

Charleroi – KV Oostende in a nutshell:

  • Key moment: Ten minutes before the end, Charleroi found the gap. Bessilé hits the mark after a cross from Zorgane and the home team can no longer give up this lead.
  • man of the match: He doesn’t buy anything for it, but Guillaume Hubert played a great game in his hometown. In the first half, Nicholson saved from a goal 3 times, and after the break he did the same with Golizadeh’s penetration.
  • distinct: Ostend continues her outdoor drama relentlessly. However, he started the season well with two away victories, but since then he has only been able to collect one point in 7 away matches.

Nicholson misses opportunity

Charleroi had the best start in a snow-covered field. Nicholson came alone against Hubert after just 5 minutes, but with a poor finish, the striker missed a huge opportunity.

Also missed a huge opportunity on the other side. Ambrose shook Andrew and could only go after Kofi, but suddenly doubts began and the opportunity was gone. In Charleroi, Nicholson’s danger continued to emerge. After a good chest check, he came out at close range in return, but Hubert was on his way again.

About half an hour later, the third time was Nicholson’s time. Or so it seemed for a while. On a pass from Kayembe, he now finished with precision, but his goal was right for offside. Although that cost VAR through
Snow takes time.

Shortly before the break, Nicholson was allowed to try again after a superb pass from Morioka, but Hubert won again. It was a bright spot in the final phase of the first half, as the level of play deteriorated along with the state of the field.

Bessilé takes care of the decision

Charleroi converted the pace at the start of the second half. After Medley slips, Golizadeh scored from an acute angle and when the Iranian managed to score just a few minutes later, Hubert Ostende kept straight again.

Ostend woke up only about one o’clock. Capone did not hesitate for a moment when he suddenly had space to shoot outside the penalty area, but Kofi prevented the score 0-1 with a superb save. Even when Ambrose appeared in front of him after fouling Andrew, the goalkeeper held out.

Ostend grew into the match. With a gentle dash through the center, Bäztner forced the corner and then saw his skewed shot hit the post. The home team had another good run.

But in the last stage, it was Charleroi who hit. Bessely was given plenty of space on a Zorgan cross. Hubert managed to touch his head, but not enough to avoid the opening goal. Enough to get 3 points, although Medley came close to a 1-1 draw in the final with a superb kick.

Still: “Very satisfied with the fighting spirit.”

  • Alexandre Plessin (Coach KV Oostende): “We struggled in the first 15 minutes, but then we were clearly the better team. Same story in the second half. Charleroi fell deep and only tackled long balls, and they only had one real chance with Golizade. We lacked the last pass, but it was It’s very difficult to play in this field. We deserved a point and with a bit of luck we could have won this match.”
  • Edward Steele (Coach Charleroi): “I am very satisfied with the mentality and the fighting spirit the team showed. The conditions were very difficult, the ball didn’t roll. We were a bit lost, we didn’t know how to deal with that. But we adapted and did everything we could to ensure the ball fell properly and that’s what happened. I am very happy that in these difficult circumstances we created a lot of chances and gave so little. This win is a huge relief.”
  1. The second half, the 95th minute, the game is over
  2. The second half, the 95th minute. The end. Charleroi retains points at home against Ostend. Biselli’s late goal was enough to send the coastal team empty-handed. .
  3. The second half, the 91st minute. 4 additional minutes. Blessin makes a little noise on the sidelines and receives a yellow card from referee Put. Ostend gets 4 extra minutes for a point of fire. .
  4. The second half, the 90th minute. Substitution in Charleroi, Guillaume Gillette, Marco Elimaharitra outside
  5. Second half, minute 89. Substitution in KV Oostende, Robbie D’Haese inside, Alphonse Amadi outside
  6. The second half, the 89th minute. Medley suddenly close to a tie. Olala, it was almost 1-1! Medley cleverly snatches a hidden ball out of the air and then releases it with a great long shot. Kofi sees the ball just widening. .
  7. The second half, the 84th minute. Time is gradually running out for Ostend. Can the coastal team develop an ultimate offensive or is the looting in Charleroi? .
  8. The second half, the 83rd minute. Substitution in KV Oostende, and entered David Atanga, and Kenny Rocha Santos.
  9. A goal during the second half, the 80th minute, by Luc Beselli from Charleroi. 1, 0.
  10. The second half, the 80th minute. Beselli frees Charleroi! Charleroi can still crack the code. Bessely gets plenty of space on a cross from Zorgan. Hubert can touch his head for a while, but not enough to block the opening goal. Can Ostend still respond? .
  11. Yellow card for Mukhtar Gui from KV Oostende during the second half, minute 79
  12. The second half, the 78th minute. The first yellow card. It lasted until the 78th minute, but then there’s the first yellow card of the game. Gueye was rightly punished for fouling Kayembe. .
  13. The second half, minute 74. Substitution in Charleroi, Anas Al-Zarouri inside, Ali Golizadeh exit.
  14. Bätzner on the post! Kofi punches a corner in Bätzner’s feet. He comes out of the box and sees his skew shot hitting the post. This is where Charleroi comes in very well. . Second half, 72nd minute.
  15. Second half, minute 70. Charleroi has now lost control of the initial stage. Bätzner is an impressive dribble, but once in the box he dribble a lot. In the end, he did not hit more than a corner kick. .
  16. The second half, the 63rd minute. Substitution in Charleroi, Mamadou Vale in, Ryota Morioka outside
  17. The second half, the 63rd minute. A substitution in Charleroi where Morioka was taken out of the blow. It’s up to Fall to finally break the home team’s spell. .
  18. The second half, the 59th minute. Ambrose did not exceed Kofi. Did Ostend wake up suddenly? Andrew makes a mistake so Ambrose can’t help but go towards goal. This time he seeks his own success, but his shot ends with Kofi’s fists. .
  19. Kofi should be able to show. Finally a response from Ostend. Capon suddenly gets a space to film outside of the sixteen and doesn’t hesitate for a moment. A loud nomad forces Kofi to a clever rescue. . Second half, 57th minute.
  20. The second half, the 56th minute. Then a moment less than Hubert. It was too late for Golizadeh’s free kick and so Beisley was able to head the ball, but he can’t get the ball into the penalty area. .
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