June 13, 2024

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National swimming coach Faber 'learns lessons' from research into inappropriate behaviour

National swimming coach Faber 'learns lessons' from research into inappropriate behaviour

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National Swimming Coach Faber: “Lessons learned, happy to be able to look to the future again”

Swimming Federation coach Marc Fabre says about the results of the investigation into the coach’s inappropriate behavior: “I am happy that we have clarity now.”

At the end of last year, the National Swimming Federation launched an investigation, and the report last week showed that Faber was “unclearly” guilty of inappropriate behaviour. The association wrote of a “mixed picture regarding ethics.”

“We looked at the report together and learned lessons from it,” Faber says. “I'm happy that we can look to the future again. It was not the most enjoyable period in my career. We worked on the sporting process during the Olympic year, but it definitely kept me busy.”


In November last year, it was announced that the FBI had conducted an investigation into Faber. The association did not want to mention the number of complaints, but five swimmers said they had filed a complaint with the Volkskrant newspaper. Faber is said to have a very high position of power and has also allegedly been intimidated and bullied.

“As a coach, I'm always looking for athletic boundaries,” Faber says. “Then you always want to push those sporting limits. And that sometimes requires effort from both sides. With fun as the foundation, you try to find the balance as best as possible. And it's annoying that that doesn't always work. I'm disappointed that people have a feeling of dissatisfaction.”

Marc Faber

Tess Schouten and Arnaud Kamminga, who have been coached by Faber for a long time, quickly made it clear that they would continue to support their coach.

In addition to his role as coach of Schouten, Kamenga, Caspar Corbo and Kenzo Simons, Faber was also head coach of KNZB until last year. He handed this task over to Sieurs Lemertz last summer.