December 6, 2022

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"Men don't like to talk about the prostate or the testicles" But prostate cancer kills 3,000 people every year

“Men don’t like to talk about the prostate or the testicles” But prostate cancer kills 3,000 people every year

by Matthijs Rorije

Next week is November and then it’s Movember time again. This is an initiative by Movember International that asks men to grow their mustaches. The aim is to draw attention to the health and well-being of men in general, and of testicular and prostate cancer in particular. These are diseases that affect many men, but they are rarely talked about. Moreover, many men continue to complain for a long time instead of going to the doctor.

“Men don’t like to talk about their prostates or their testicles. It’s kind of a forbidden atmosphere,” says urologist at Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland Hospital Robert van Soest. Robert says that men often report too late if they have complaints, such as a lump on the ball. “You really should see a doctor.” The same applies to prostate complaints. “This is why a procedure like Movember is good for creating awareness, because prostate cancer is still a major problem that kills 3,000 men every year. Every year, 13,000 new prostate cancer patients are added.”

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