December 7, 2022

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This is what the magnetic field around the Earth looks like: 'Very scary'

This is what the magnetic field around the Earth looks like: ‘Very scary’

Scientists at the University of Denmark have succeeded in converting the Earth’s magnetic field into sound. Results? A chilling five minute audio recording.

The magnetic field is not visible, let alone heard. However, scientists succeeded in converting the magnetic signals measured by a special satellite into sound. The scientists themselves say: “The result is very frightening.”

bubble around the earth

The field is a type of dynamic bubble around the Earth that protects us from charged particles and cosmic rays, also called the solar wind, from space. An example of such a solar wind is the well-known blue-green auroras.

“For something that protects us, noise is too terrifying,” she wrote. European Space Agency (European Space Agency). The recording lasts five minutes and consists of a sort of stormy sound interspersed with creaking and cracking tones.

Satellites should provide more insight into the magnetic field

The magnetic signals were measured by special satellites, the Swarm satellites, of the European Space Agency. These satellites were actually launched in 2013 with the aim of studying and understanding the Earth’s mechanical field better. Swarm also provides more insights into space weather.

The special sound was heard for the first time last week in Solberg Square in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. The recording was played there as an art project of dozens of underground speakers. “The project succeeded in bringing together art and science,” said musician and project supporter Klaus Nielsen.

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This is what the magnetic field around the Earth looks like: ‘Very scary’

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