June 12, 2024

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Nature Today |  Looking for brown oak page

Nature Today | Looking for brown oak page

brown oak page (Saturnium Elyses) It lives mainly in high sandy soils and coastal dunes. The species depends on: the presence of the host plant, which is the young, clumsy, lifeless oak; Taller oaks such as courtship and sparrow trees; Nectar sources such as buckthorn, blackberry and other flowers; A protected microclimate with a variety of open spaces, protected areas and sunlit areas. The current forest management does not provide much scope for gradual forest edges, open areas and small logging areas on a regular basis. This is why we must prevent existing habitats from becoming unsuitable due to managers’ ignorance in two ways: taking the right measures, but also knowing whether the species is there. It’s easy to overlook an inconspicuous butterfly, so it’s important to look closely at where it occurs. This year we will be looking for a brown oak leaf. Where is this species (still) found in northern Limburg, and where is the suitable habitat? Using historical and ecological data, we can estimate potential habitat. Some of this is already known. We want to know if this species is present around known fly sites and in new places that look promising.

Home of the brown oak pagewhen: Butterflies fly from mid-June to mid-July. But rely on the second half of June, because July has often been very late in recent years.

where: This map shows what are the most promising areas in Limburg And where would we like to get more information about brown oak wood page.

Habitat: This species flies mainly during transitions from open to forest landscapes. Open spaces in forests, clearcuts and open forest edges are also used. Within the areas marked on the map, you can first search for open spaces using Google Earth. These are the most promising. Then you go to the area and search for a suitable habitat. There you can search extensively for brown oak wood page. Use it while searching Live atlas from SOVON Or do one Number of quarter (pdf, 212 KB) using the ButterflyCount application.

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Search image: The brown oak page is difficult to find and requires a specific search image. Often located in the crown of buckthorn and shrubs. One way to find it is to shake the buckthorn until butterflies fly from the crown, or to search in flowering blackberry bushes. Butterflies can be found foraging there, but also look for yellow compounds and other nectar plants.

Text: Water Away, Butterfly Foundation
Photos: Jurriƫn van Deijk (main image: brown oak leaf on buckthorn); Michelle Wallis de Vries; Henk Bosma