May 28, 2024

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Op de lege kavels aan De Doole kan volgend jaar worden gebouwd. (Rechten: RTV Drenthe / Rien Kort)

Nearly 30 new homes in Klazienaveen

Klazienaveen is currently devoid of free construction plots, while demand continues to increase. There is already a waiting list of 127 interested parties.

Therefore, the municipality investigated the available land and identified two vacant plots on both streets as suitable housing sites. “De Doole has room for 12 houses (four detached houses and four houses for two people) and the Kruiwerk offers space for another 16 detached houses,” said Alderman Jisse Otter.

De Doole’s plans are the furthest already. These pieces will go on sale next year. A number of studies and zoning changes for the Kruiwerk have yet to be made.

“We’re aiming for the end of 2022, but it could also be the following spring,” Otter says. The Kruiwerk currently has a staircase and a playground. They will be given a new location in the eastern part of the planned new construction site.

dance chair

Otter agrees that land hunger in Clazenaven is not yet satisfied with these new lands. “At the moment we are also looking at two other sites where we can do the same.” Otters can’t yet decide which one.

Another opportunity is the enormous musical chairs that await the village in connection with the relocation and new construction of the various schools. Primary Schools De Planet, De Spil and De Viersprong will move to a new building at Esdal College in 2022.

De Pastoor Middelkoopschool and De Kap will continue as independent schools at the De Planet site.

De Spil is pictured as a place to replace the new construction of the old Sint Henricus school. The village council also sees this as the right place for a new multi-functional residence.

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More search

Eventually, there will be several sites that can be used for housing construction. Otter said more research is needed first.

In addition to Klazienaveen, the municipality is also looking for suitable plots of land in other villages. “Think of Nieuw-Amsterdam, Nieuw-Schoonebeek and Weiteveen, but also Emmen herself.”

Within the municipality of Emmen itself, there are only two residential plots available in Oude Meerdijk. At the moment, there are still 2,000 homes under construction. “A municipality with a population of 107,000 and there are not many in it: this of course is not possible.”


However, Otter does not like to cut down lawns to build new residential areas. According to the local council member, there is no indication of such a need. “The population growth figures do not indicate this,” says Otter. “There is no doubt about the migration of Westerners to Emmen. That is why we are focusing mainly on expansion and restructuring.” So the possibilities are within or replacing existing buildings.

More living space

Clasenavin Village Council spokesman Jan Gervin was pleased with the new developments. “It is very positive that the local housing market lockdown can be lifted.” In the meantime, the village looks more.

Because living space is still essential. “That is why we are eagerly looking forward to developments surrounding the schools.” According to Jervin, a plot in the Ons Belang Community Center and an unused football field in Molenbuurt also provide new opportunities.

Not everyone sees plans for housing on a plot of land in Kruiwerk in Klazienaveen. This was revealed through a tour during a media meeting this afternoon at the local community center. People are not happy that a dog walking area and a playground have to be sacrificed. Vision loss is also a complaint.

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There was a positive response from the left and the right to the arrival of new groups. Some residents are also worried. The site is used as a playground and walking area. Others value peace and space and fear that this will be lost due to the new plan.

Village Manager Yan Gerfen was also present to make an impression. He cannot understand the arguments that the view and its use as a play area for walking are at stake. “There will be a lot of trees and a fence around the houses, so it’s hard for locals to see anything,” he says. up to 34.

There is also space in the plan for a playground and playground. “Hikers and dog owners can go into the bush on the west side or the nature reserve on the south side. Soon everyone will be able to go in all directions.”