April 16, 2024

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Netflix gives more details about subscribing to ads – image and sound – news

The streaming service Netflix has provided more details on how it wants to offer a cheaper subscription with ads. There won’t be a small test in a few countries first, because Netflix is ​​already sure they want to offer this option in as many countries as possible.

netflix says Discussing the quarterly numbers He doesn’t say how much cheaper subscribing to ads will be, but he specifically says he’s aiming for a wider spread of subscription prices to increase audiences. number of subscribers It fell for the first time in the last quarter† It’s not a short-term fix because once we start offering this subscription for ads, some people will accept it,” said CEO Reed Hastings. “We have a large customer base and a lot of people are probably happy where they are with their subscription. So note that the volume of this subscription will slowly increase in the coming years.”

Netflix will not sell the subscriptions themselves. “We can just go straight to the publisher and do people other than matching the ads and merging all the data about the people. Then we can move away from that and focus on creating the best user experience.” To sell ads, Netflix now has to provide less data to third-party companies than before, Hastings estimates. “The online advertising market has developed in recent years.”

Hastings says the ad subscription won’t differ from other Netflix subscriptions in any other way. “It’s going to be an extra layer in the subscription, just like Hulu.” Hulu currently has an ad subscription for $7 and an ad-free variant for $13 per month. “If you’d rather pay a lower price and are good with ads, we’ll serve you too,” Hastings said.

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More streaming services have options with advertising. Hulu is already doing so and Disney+ will follow suit later this year. In the Netherlands, Videoland already has subscription options with ads. Netflix currently has three subscriptions with prices ranging from €8 per month to €16 per month.