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New mobs, how to vote and more

New mobs, how to vote and more

Minecraft Live 2021 starts in less than 24 hours on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

Minecraft Live is an all-virtual event that originated from the now retired MINECON Conference. Minecraft Live brings developers and fans together to celebrate the game’s progress over the years and to collectively vote on new features that will influence the next additions to Minecraft.

Live mob voting has always been the main feature of Minecraft Live. This is a community vote to choose from three incredibly useful mobs to add to Minecraft. Hold? Only one of the three mobs will eventually win the vote and be coded into the game.

Minecraft Live 2021 debut Three new crowds For fans to choose from on the day of the event. These three helpful and friendly newbies are Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem.

What mobs will be voted on during Minecraft Live 2021?

There will be three new mobs for viewers to vote for during the Minecraft Live 2021 event. While the three mobs suggested in last year’s event were two friendly passive mobs and one hostile mob, the three mobs voted for this year are friendly and helpful players in the game.

The decision is yours – which crowd gets your vote? A friend in dark places? A cookie, or another item, a collector? Or to build a friend on your own? Join us on October 16th # Minecraft Live Cast your vote and decide which mobs will be added to the game! ↣

The Copper Golem, Allay, and Glare are the three mobs that will be included in the live mob mood for Minecraft Live 2021. Each has unique in-game items that can be useful for all play styles.

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The gloss is a green algae-covered mob that hates the dark. It makes noises and gets angry if the player is in an area dark enough for hostile crowds, such as zombies and reptiles, to breed. The glow can be annoying, but it is completely harmless and its only purpose is to warn players when they are in danger in a cave or very dark area.

Allay may be strikingly similar to the hostile Vex. However, these peaceful mobs want nothing more than to collect items for the player and dance. If players give an item to this mob, it will search the ground and collect more of the item given to it. Since this crowd is avid music lovers, it drops all the items collected by nearby notebooks.

The Copper Golem is a blocky golem made entirely of copper and a lightning rod. This mob may look like ice and iron, but the difference with this brass guy is that the main purpose is to press brass buttons. This golem can be useful for those who make redstone alternatives that require buttons to activate and function.

However, like regular copper, these buildups will oxidize and become plush over time.

How to vote for three crowds in Minecraft

On Saturday 16 October 2021 – Minecraft Live 2021 The show is in full swing, starting thirty minutes before the show before the event officially kicks off at 9:00 AM PST. For other time zones it is 12 PM EST, 5 PM GMT, 6 PM CET, and 1 PM GMT.

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# Minecraft Live Coming tomorrow at noon EST! We also have a great team for live commentary on the show in German, French, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and Svenska! Read more and check the start time near you:

When the main show begins, the live audience voting will likely begin at the same time. To cast their vote, viewers should head over to the official Minecraft Twitter site and stay informed. There will be a live poll for fans to vote on which of the three mobs to add Maine Craft.

Q: Who would you vote for out of two of the three voting crowds?

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