May 28, 2024

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New opening at La Palma volcano and thus new lava flow |  Instagram news VTM

New opening at La Palma volcano and thus new lava flow | Instagram news VTM

The Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma erupted for the first time in fifty years twelve days ago. According to the latest official data, more than 700 hectares of the damaged area near the mountain range and the volcanic zone are already covered with a black layer of lava of about a thousand degrees Celsius, according to the Spanish public radio RTVE. This is equivalent to about a thousand football fields.

It is said that more than a thousand buildings have been destroyed so far. About 6,000 of the island’s 85,000 residents were evacuated from their homes. Beyond the lava flows it rains black ash.

Angel Victor Torres, head of the regional government of the Canary Islands, said that since the eruption of the volcano on September 19, Cumbre Vieja has released 80 million cubic meters of magma. And he just keeps coming.

The Spanish government officially announced La Palma on Tuesday declared a disaster area 10.5 million euros were released to help the victims of the volcanic eruption. According to estimates by the regional government, the damage already amounts to several hundred million euros.

By the way, Little Canary Island now Larger by about 10 hectares by volcanic eruption. On Tuesday evening, lava reached the sea, sank at least 100 meters down a steep coastline, releasing toxic fumes. As soon as the lava touched sea water, it began to solidify. Thus a small peninsula was formed.

Even experts cannot estimate how long the volcano will remain active. It may take weeks to months.