July 24, 2024

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No Galaxy A74 in 2023

No Galaxy A74 in 2023

It seems very likely that Samsung will not launch the Galaxy A74 in 2023. No Samsung Galaxy A54 So soon it will be the absolute top model in the A-series.

No Galaxy A74 in 2023

The end of 2022 is near. And as you may have noticed, we are here and there looking at the phones that Samsung will sell in 2023. From devices such as Galaxy A54 And the Galaxy A14 We have already revealed a lot of details. In addition, know that the South Koreans are also working on a Galaxy A24 And the Galaxy A34. However, there is one model for which details have not been revealed yet.

The reason for that is now quite clear. There is simply no sign that Samsung is developing the Galaxy A74. The device has not been tested anywhere yet, there is no firmware, and anywhere else the device also excels mainly due to its lack of.

Of course, Samsung released the Galaxy A73 in the spring in far fewer countries than the Galaxy A72 in 2021. So this device — the first in the A series with a 108MP camera — played a much smaller role in the mid-range than Samsung offered. In this sense, scrapping or never planning the Galaxy A74 is nothing more than a continuation of a line that was already used earlier.

Bridge between the A and S series.

With the Galaxy A7x line gone, and no Galaxy S22 FE or Galaxy S23 FE in sight, a question arises: is Samsung really leaving a gap between the A and S series? Or in more practical terms: the company will not launch a phone in 2023 that will fill the gap between the Galaxy A54 and Samsung Galaxy S23 can fill up?

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That seems to be the case – but keep in mind that the company also has a current option option Galaxy S22Chain exactly in that hole. This device still has at least four years of support credit, after all.

absolutely sure?

The question remains: is it absolutely certain that there will be no Galaxy A74 throughout 2023? Because to be fair: what is not now may come later. After all, this is the time to hint somewhere that the A74 is already being planned. And so we keep in mind that our conclusions will soon contradict concrete information. And for fans of relatively affordable phones with an interesting camera, this will only be good news.

But the complete lack of any information about the alleged Galayx A74 is and remains a bad sign for now.