March 2, 2024

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“No, I’m not pregnant. I have uterine cancer”: Body hair is replaced live |  strange

“No, I’m not pregnant. I have uterine cancer”: Body hair is replaced live | strange

A Canadian reporter interrupted her traffic conversation to put body shaming in its place. “No, I’m not pregnant. I lost my uterus last year to cancer,” Leslie Horton, 59, explained during a live morning show.

The woman, who has worked at Canadian news channel Global News for 28 years, often hears hurtful comments about her appearance. “It seems like that’s part of the job if you’re often on TV with your face on,” Horton says.

But this time the red line was crossed. “I’ll respond to the email you just received,” he said sharply. The message read: “Congratulations on your pregnancy.” “If you wear an old bus driver’s pants, you can expect criticism.”

“Four years of scraping mail”

With one smooth movement, Horton answered the complainer. “Thanks for your input. But no, I’m not pregnant. I lost my uterus last year to cancer. This is exactly what women my age look like. It’s unfortunate that this bothers you, but in the future, think twice when you email.

Lesley Horton (right) has arrived on the US Breakfast show
Leslie Horton (right) landed on the American breakfast show “Good Morning America” ​​with her story. © RV

Horton usually ignores such offensive comments, but in this case it was about someone who had been sending her junk mail for four years. “He’s obviously not a fan and that’s totally fine,” the Canadian Press reporter replies. “I can handle criticism, but continue to treat me with respect. This message was just meant to humiliate me and make me feel bad. I responded impulsively, but the words I used came straight from my heart.

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Jamie Lee Curtis

The little talk went viral on social media, resulting in Horton receiving tons of accolades. Even Hollywood stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Pfeiffer supported her. “But don’t make me a spokesperson for the suffering of all women. I’m just a simple mother from Calgary lucky enough to be able to pursue her passion — five hours of live TV a day.

Horton was diagnosed with uterine cancer in December 2021. After surgery, it took months before she was able to return to work. “The impact has been huge. I have now become more grateful for life itself. I have also learned what is truly important to me and what I expect from the behavior of others. This obviously led to this response to an inappropriate email.”