February 6, 2023

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Princess Delphine trained to avoid the "Sharon Stone moment" on National Day

Princess Delphine trained to avoid the “Sharon Stone moment” on National Day

Princess Delphine (54) wears a red dress on National Day with a dove of peace. Ramsey in wartime. This newspaper has been invited to the latest in what suits its designer and stylist. We saw how her dress had a tight slit, which puts her at risk of being too intimate while seated. “I really trained not to have a Sharon Stone moment.”

Wim Dehandschtter

“You know what wasn’t that easy, too? What does she look like when she’s sitting down?” Delphine then sat on the back of the chair and arranged the fabric of her dress over her legs. “We trained a lot. If you sit down, otherwise this could happen (split open, editor). This can easily and quickly turn into something else. embarrassing thing.”


Delphine invited us last weekend to show us her national holiday outfits for the first time. It’s a red dress by young Limburg designer Paul Vogels (25). With him and designer Jodi Van Geert, 42, she made the final alterations to her dress during our visit.

“I want you to feel comfortable,” Vogels addresses, as they examine the outfit in front of the mirror. Special attention goes to The Great Divide, says Van Geert. Delphine calls it “Sharon Stone”, in reference to the famous scene from the movie Basic instinct. In it, actress Sharon Stone crosses her legs and gives viewers a look under her skirt.

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