February 21, 2024

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This actor strongly refuses to play in Marvel movies

This actor strongly refuses to play in Marvel movies

Simon Pegg is a famous name from the UK for many, he has appeared in many comedies from Edgar Wright played like hot fluff And the Shawn of the dead. But in Hollywood he also has some pretty nicknames to his name, for example Ready player one And the hall.

His comment about the “immature” nature of Marvel movies seems to have come out of the blue, as the actor himself has also acted in several cute, childish, or manic films. For example, in addition to his role in Mission: ImpossibleMovies, as the famous Scottie played in two movies before Star Trek.

Simon Pegg’s logic
In an interview with Newsweek, Pegg explained his choice. beige: “I want to do more adult roles in the future. I think Mission: Impossible is a big deal. I think it’s a franchise that’s less focused on big kids than on adults, but I want to do more drama.”

continue: “I don’t want to be in the MCU anytime soon. I feel like I want to be more free than that. You step in, and you’ve been stuck with it for years. That can be very limiting.”

So not everyone wants to spend years of their lives messing with superheroes, and that’s understandable. Simon Pegg will be back soon in the future Mission: Impossible.

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