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Not cheap, but stylish: thanks to these luxury brands, you can now also hit the ski slopes in style |  Nina

Not cheap, but stylish: thanks to these luxury brands, you can now also hit the ski slopes in style | Nina

Ski clothes are usually not very attractive. But many luxury brands – from Dior to Chanel – are now offering a solution to this. They ensure access to the slopes in a warm and stylish way. Although of course there is a price associated with it, which houses don’t always want to disclose.

Figures show that around 730,000 Belgians go on a ski holiday every year. The only drawback to exercising in the snow: you have to prepare and dress for cold temperatures. But those thick coats, thermal socks and other winter accessories don’t always look stylish, on the contrary.

Sports and casual clothes

Unless you want to spend a lot of money on it. Because a surprising number of luxury brands are launching a special ski collection this year. The fact that the boundaries between sportswear and casual wear are becoming increasingly blurred must have something to do with it.

Exhibit A: It was great to wear ski goggles last summer. Expensive models from Prada, among others, flew out the door. And it goes even further, just think of Moonboots, designed for the slopes, which have become popular on the streets again in recent years. Puffy coats, initially designed to keep you nice and warm, have also been popular for years Fashion status Then a dress for practical purposes. So it’s no wonder that (luxury) brands focus on sports collections. Nowadays items can be worn almost all year round.

Some items from the DiorAlps collection. © Dior

There is the DiorAlps capsule line inspired by the brand’s latest fashion shows. The collection includes puffer jackets, body warmers, sneakers and après-ski boots. Who knew ski pants could look so stylish? Or that ski jackets can be fashionable, stylish and warm at the same time?

The collection has been clearly designed keeping current trends and winter sports needs in mind. But you pay for it. For example, the cheapest items, a Christian Dior logo beanie and gloves, will cost you €520. At the other end of the spectrum is a ski jacket that you can also wear inside out. You pay 5500 euros for it. Our favorite? White gold baroque style items and skate shoes with map of Paris.

Items from the Dior ski collection in collaboration with illustrator Peter Doig.
Items from the Dior ski collection in collaboration with illustrator Peter Doig. © Dior

If you want to go all out, you can also purchase a skateboard and a complete ski suit from the luxury brand, designed in collaboration with illustrator Peter Doig. Although these price tags are already making us dizzy.

You can shop the entire DiorAlps collection here.

Dior is not the only French luxury house to join the bandwagon. Rival Louis Vuitton is also investing in high-quality, stylish clothing for the slopes. And more than elegant enough to wear in other contexts. The brand manages to create cool thermal dresses, turtlenecks, ski goggles and warm headwear.

The very wide range consists of ski suits in sets, winter accessories such as scarves and gloves, hard sports bags, mountain boots and ski boots. We like to keep wearing them after a ski holiday.

Some items from the Louis Vuitton ski collection.
Some items from the Louis Vuitton ski collection. © Louis Vuitton

Unfortunately, we cannot give you price cards, because according to the website they are only available upon request. But let’s assume that it is not within the budget of most people. Well, you can always dream, right?

See the full Louis Vuitton collection here.

Some items from the Chanel ski collection.
Some items from the Chanel ski collection. © Chanel

Of course, Chanel could not lag behind. Her Coco Neige collection combines the sophistication we know from the brand with the necessary artistic details, without neglecting its timeless image. In contrast to Dior and Louis Vuitton, the pieces of this collection are more feminine and look less sporty, without sacrificing quality and performance of course.

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The collection is not limited only to neutral and muted colors, but also includes bright pinks, camel browns and even yellow colors. On the other hand, the group screams “skater,” but we don’t care.

Prices are again unknown. You can’t even order items on the website, but only in physical stores. But the pictures make us swoon. If you ask us, this group stands above all others.

You can view the collection here to look into.

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