November 27, 2022

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Often tense?  Read these 6 tips from stress-free people

Often tense? Read these 6 tips from stress-free people

Long to-do lists, bloated schedules and always feeling rushed. Do you want a less stressful life? Then check out these secrets from the experts.

This is how you learn from people who are not under stress.

6 stress-free secrets

1. Don’t take life too seriously

People with a little stress are stars in setting the record straight. They see their problems in perspective and don’t worry about the little things. Like a train being a few minutes late, a punctured tire or a spot in their favorite pants.

Do you find it difficult to look at life lightly? Then ask yourself the following questions: “Is it really as important as I think it is?” and “Is there any point in worrying about this?” Odds are, the answer is always “no.”

2. Make everything a little slower

People who don’t get stressed easily often have one thing in common: they do everything at their own pace. From walking to eating. They see no point in rushing and daring to slow down. Doing everything a little slower has many advantages. Not only do you feel less stressed, but you also enjoy everything you do more.

3. Don’t collect too many things

Fewer things give you more peace of mind. You should reduce the number of cleaning and cleaning times, so that you have more time for the things that matter to you. You also feel more comfortable at home where everything is not lumped together and all sorts of things are scattered.

A quick way to reduce it is to ask yourself if you have used it in the past year. If not, you can give it up or get rid of it. The questionable cases Put in a box with the date written on it. Check it again after a few months.

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4. Make room to do anything

Many people find it difficult to do nothing. Not surprising, because we tend to fill up all the idle time with our phone. This leaves little time for daydreaming and meditation. The time to do nothing is very important. It helps you relax, creates “aha” moments and makes you more creative. Give yourself at least ten minutes of nothing every day. Put your phone down and stare.

5. Being in the moment

Stress is almost always related to a later or earlier time. The secret of people with little stress is that they are less concerned with the past or the future, but they live in the present.

Do you also want to be more present in this moment? Then, during the day, call yourself back for a moment by focusing on the sounds, smells, and colors around you. With training comes mastery.

6. Do one thing at a time

Our mind can only focus on one thing at a time. This is why multitasking is stressful. From now on, resolve to do one thing at a time with complete focus and then move on to the next. Not only do you feel less stressed doing one task, but you are also more productive and pay more attention to your environment. Nice bonus.

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For those who often have a lot of stress: 6 stress-free secrets

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