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OHL Wins in Charleroi, Game Marred (and Interrupted) by Home Fan Misbehavior |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

OHL Wins in Charleroi, Game Marred (and Interrupted) by Home Fan Misbehavior | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 24′ – continued Jules Van Cleempot for Stelios Andrieu
  2. 16′ – Goal – Moussa Tamari (0-1)
  1. 90 + 5′ – Yellow – Christian Malinov
  2. 90 + 4′ – Yellow – Ken Nkoba Chind
  3. 90 + 3′ – Soufiane Kaine continued for Pierre-Yves Ngawa
  4. 90 + 1 ‘- continued Musa Tamari for Richie Sagrado
  5. 87′ – continued Jon Dagur Thorstenson from Christian Malinov
  6. 85′ – Yellow – Soufiane Kaine
  7. 79′ – Yellow – Valentine Kojokaru
  8. 77′ – continued Stefan Knezevic for Jackson Chachua
  9. 74′ – Nathan Opoku continued for Mario Gonzalez
  10. 74′ – Continued by Hamza Mandel by Thibaut Fletink
  11. 65′ – continued Youssef Badji by Nikola Shotolik
  12. 49′ – Yellow – Dylan Ouedraogo

OHL took all three points in Mamburgh. Tamari was able to score early for the visitors, and the home team did not get the ball, despite a number of chances. The match was ultimately marred by misconduct from the home fans. After OHL goaltender Cojocaru got a coin in the head, the game was halted for fifteen minutes.

wacky match: Homeland muster, or at least some bastards in it. Valentin Kojokaru showed football at its most annoying by stalling early and long, but then still suffering an undeserved shot to the head. An angry Charleroi could face a hefty fine again.

Key moment: Fifteen minutes later, Moussa Tamari completed a fine dribbling with a goal in the course of the match. The only goal in the match, although Charleroi had many chances, but he really hit it.

distinct: OH Leuven joins Union and Anderlecht as the third team to beat Charleroi since the arrival of Felice Matsuo at the end of November.

  1. Second half, min. 114. 96 – Done. Van Driesch sends the players, finally, to the changing rooms. Charleroi had the most chances, but could not convert any of them. The home fans showed their dumber side with a bunt to Kojokaru’s head. It happens again at Charleroi, which sees Leuven leave with three points – one less than it deserves. .
  2. Second half, minute 111. 95 – finish. Charleroi’s latest work. Charleroi can go ahead again. The ball falls for Chachua, but he kicks against a Leuven resident. .
  3. Second half, min. 111. 94 – The end is near. Fletnik provokes a free kick on his wing, and Nkuba loves to bite. Leuven crosses the line in seconds, the match too? .
  4. Second half, min. 109. 93 – Bayou not again, not ever. Charleroi with six in sixteen and about sixteen now and then the ball didn’t go in. Bayu gets the ball from Chachua on his left, and puts it wide. & nbsp; .
  5. Second half, min. 106. 90 – Five minutes added. Matsu gets very angry. The fourth official allows five more minutes to play, and the coach would have liked a lot more. The absolute final stage now. .
  6. Second half, min. 105. 89 – Cojocaru easy. It’s raining bad shots on Charleroi. Now it is Chachua who is facing his teammates. His shot is too long, too weak, and too central. & nbsp; .
  7. Second half, min. 103. 87 – Not generous. Kiyine is now very selfish. He has the option of sending Gonzalez to Kofi alone, but decides to take a bad shot. .
  8. Second half, min. 101. 86 – Kiyine is finally yellow. After many mistakes and troubles, Van Driesch now shows his card to Sofiane Kayen. He could have already had two. .
  9. The second half, the 100th minute, the game is over

  10. Second half, min. 98. 82 – Kojokaru is not on the floor. A header from Bayo was easily caught by Cojocaru. He’s clearly thinking of lying down, but then he remembers the people behind him and starts kicking away. .
  11. Second half, minute 96. 80 – Tamari Al-Haddar. OH Leuven can finish the game with a good pass from Tamari, but his passing is less than bad. & nbsp; .
  12. Yellow card for Christian Malinov of OH Leuven during the second half, minute 95
  13. Second half, minute 95. 79 – Charleroi is looking for a goal. The clock has stopped in Charleroi, but that’s not the case everywhere. We track it for you. Charleroi comes out of the dressing room for the third time today with a fire in his stomach. Leuven siege target. .
  14. Yellow card for Ken Nkoba Chind (charleroi player) during the second half, minute 94
  15. Second half, 94th minute. I wonder what the outcome of that will be. Eddie Botteldoorn on Radio 1.
  16. Second half, 93rd minute. Kojokaru must once again go over to the side of the Charleroi supporters. instead of us. .
  17. Second half, min. 93. Substituted in OH Leuven, Pierre-Yves Ngaoua in, Soufiane Keene out
  18. Second half, 93rd minute. A new start. Yes! The players from Charleroi are the first to return to the field. We will play football again. .
  19. Second half, minute 91. Substitute in Oh Leuven, Richie Sagrado in, Musa Tamari out
  20. Second half, minute 91. Representatives of the Football Association, the two teams, the police and the referee met regarding the continuation of the match. This takes longer than usual. .
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