December 9, 2022

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Olaf Schulz: “Nord Stream 1 gas turbines can be delivered to Russia” |  Abroad

Olaf Schulz: “Nord Stream 1 gas turbines can be delivered to Russia” | Abroad

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The gas turbine has been the subject of a political-economic dispute for several weeks. Russian energy group Gazprom cited the absence of this turbine as a reason to reduce gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The turbines had to be returned to Russia after maintenance in Canada, but are currently stored in Mülheim and Der Ruhr, in western Germany. Gazprom transferred responsibility for this to Siemens Energy.

However, Schulze said on Wednesday that the turbine is deployable and could be delivered to Russia at any time. Schultz said there were no obstacles on the German side. It seems that “it is important for me to make it clear that this turbine is operational”. “There is nothing standing in the way of transportation to Russia.”

“All you have to do is tell someone they want the turbine and they will be there very quickly,” Schulz said. “The turbine is there and can be delivered.”

Schulz also points out that the turbine, necessary to build enough pressure to pump gas through the pipeline, is in perfect condition. Furthermore, there are no penalties standing in the way of their implementation. Because of the Russian war in Ukraine, we must realize that “there can always be some pretext that something stops working.”

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