February 2, 2023

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Once again dozens of abandoned dogs were found in Hardenberg

Once again dozens of abandoned dogs were found in Hardenberg

National Animal Protection Inspectorate

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The National Animal Protection Inspectorate (LID) has again found abandoned dogs on a farm in the municipality of Hardenberg. This time it involved more than thirty Shih Tzus and ten Pomeranians. Last month in Hardenberg Approximately eighty abandoned dogs took over.

“very Wonderful”

The confiscated dogs are taken care of in a secret location. The cap speaks of an amazing discovery.

“It is remarkable that we are faced with a similar situation twice in a relatively small municipality like Hardenberg. That is why we take this very seriously. The way the animals were kept was very similar. So we are keeping in mind the connection,” says a company spokesperson. Jelko De Ruyter.

animal collectors

The Inspectorate doesn’t think it has to do with large-scale trade, but rather people who simply collect animals. “You also have this class,” says the speaker. “They usually think that they are taking good care of them, but they don’t realize that the animals are suffering.”

The dogs owner is suspected of being seriously negligent. The Public Prosecution is investigating the case.

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