December 9, 2022

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One by one, luxury yachts associated with Russian oligarchs are disappearing from the radar

One by one, luxury yachts associated with Russian oligarchs are disappearing from the radar

Alpha Nero disappeared from the radar at the beginning of March © rr

What happened to “Galactica Super Nova”, “Clio” and “Alfa Nero”? At least six giant yachts associated with Russian oligarchs have disappeared from radar screens. However, it turned out that they did not dive.

Since the war in Ukraine, the oligarchs who are good friends of the Kremlin have been hunted down. Because many countries threaten to confiscate their property. Including super luxury yachts that can never be big enough.

From France to the Fiji Islands, at least thirteen sailing palaces have already been arrested. As a punishment against the war in Ukraine and because its owners are connected to Putin.

But now it looks like they’ve found something about it. Ships’ locations can be tracked via satellite via the Automatic Identification System (AIS). Not to check on them every moment of the day, but for their own safety. If a ship suddenly disappears from the radar, this may indicate an accident and help is being sent.

An investigation by the British Sunday newspaper The Observer and The Guardian, in cooperation with analysts from Vasselsvalue, revealed that the Russian oligarch deliberately sabotaging the AIS system. This way they can no longer be tracked and no one knows in which water they are. Even if it is prohibited by law.

The British investigation shows that at least six luxury yachts have already “disappeared”.

black sea

Take the 72-meter “Cleo” Trail designed by Oleg Deripaska (Aluminium Rusal). After the invasion, the ship began its course from the Maldives through the Suez Canal to Turkey, and on April 18 it delivered the coordinators from somewhere in the Black Sea for the last time. After that it seemed to have disappeared from the radar.

or “Galactica Super Nova” by Vagit Alekperov from LukOil. According to the official data now available, it may have sunk off the coast of Croatia. Because it can’t be seen on radar and the most recent data was recorded in that area.

The same is true of the 140-meter “Triumph of the Ocean” designed by Viktor Rashnikov, Russia’s largest steel mill.

Billionaire Andrei Guriev “Alpha Nero” has disappeared near the Caribbean. As if she fell in a storm and perished with the human and the mouse.

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