April 16, 2024

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One Hundred Teaching Microscopes for the Faculty of Biological Sciences Engineering – University Fund – Gent University

One Hundred Teaching Microscopes for the Faculty of Biological Sciences Engineering – University Fund – Gent University

Microscopes are an essential tool in bioengineering and life sciences education programs. It is important to our students’ participation because it provides an alternative to book learning and other passive forms of learning. They provide hands-on, experiential learning that sparks a sense of wonder and builds natural curiosity.

Our current microscopes date back to the 1950’s. Thousands of students have used it over the years. However, in the meantime, they must be urgently replaced: the image quality is poor due to scratches and fogging of the lenses, some microscopes fail to break down and spare parts are no longer available. This also has an impact on the quality of our education and, in particular, our practical operations. For example, a lot of time is spent testing which microscopes to use and helping students who are having technical problems. Finally, the newer generation of microscopes naturally also provides more possibilities for our students. In concrete terms, we would then like to purchase 100 new microscopes. They cost 1,000 euros each and unfortunately we do not have the operational resources for that.

Your gift makes the difference

Practical bioscience engineering

By donating educational microscopes, you provide our students with the resources they need to succeed in their studies and future careers. Your contribution will ensure that we have access to high quality microscopes that enable our students to learn about the world around them in a tactile and interactive way. Furthermore, you are investing in the future generation of scientists and researchers who will spur innovation and progress in our society. Together, we empower students to learn, explore, and discover the wonders of science.

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Donate to buy microscopes?

Would you donate €1,000 with which we can buy one microscope? Then you can choose Give your name to the microscope! Then we will provide one Board. Who knows, maybe your son, daughter or grandson will also use the microscope you donated.

are gifts tax deduction. Thus, a donation of €1,000 to a single microscope would cost you only €550, after taxes. Gifts are welcome Account number BE26 3900 9658 0329 with the message “binocular”. If you make a bank donation of €1,000 or more and want your name or company name to appear on the microscope, it is best to send an email after your donation to the person responsible for this initiative (see contact details at the bottom of this page).

You can also donate online by clicking the button below.

I donate online

More information?

Do you have questions about this initiative? Please contact Hilde Willekens: [email protected], tel. 09264 99 42.

Do you have questions about your donation or donation to Ghent University? Please contact the University Fund: [email protected], Tel. 09264 33 84.