June 20, 2024

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One room per student in Tilburg all inclusive

One room per student in Tilburg all inclusive

Many international students study in Tilburg. It is important for this group to find housing. This turns out to be difficult in practice. Rooms are regularly shown ‘Dutch only’ or ‘No internationals’. The city council does not approve of such practices.

Students who encounter this type of discrimination can report to RADAR, an organization committed to fighting discrimination and promoting equal treatment. Reports can be generated via radar.nl.

Origin, religion, or orientation

The landlord or real estate agent is not allowed to ask about things like origin, debt, or orientation. Therefore, the city council strongly rejects such practices and calls for attention to them.

comprehensive city

Tilburg is an inclusive city, where everyone can participate unconditionally and feel safe, regardless of origin, colour, identity or other personal background. People refusing to rent a place because they are “not Dutch” goes against everything Tilburg wants it to be as a society. Tilburg municipality is discussing this with the university and intends to send a letter to owners and student associations asking them to pay attention to inclusivity.

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