May 30, 2024

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OOOTOKO new song – “Malo”

OOOTOKO new song – “Malo”

© Romain Garcin

OOOTOKO was born at the beginning of October last year. The group consists of a wonderful ensemble of nineteen musicians, each of whom makes a beautiful contribution in his own way. The result is always a great song with a somewhat cinematic and subtle touch. The previous single “Theme of Parallax” was perfect James Bondsoundtrack, but on “Malo” the group takes a different approach.

OOOTOKO's debut album will be released next month and “Malo” is the last taste we get of him. The common denominator in the group's music is the length of their songs, as this one also lasts just over five minutes. The opening piano riff is slightly reminiscent of the string cadence in “Theme of Parallax”. That's the only similarity, because OOOTOKO takes a different approach again. Using drums, woodwinds and violin, the group creates a relaxed, more enjoyable rhythm that initially seems a bit repetitive, until the strings provide more emotion. It's reminiscent of the soundtrack of a complex drama series with enough plot twists. Of course, five minutes of the same thing would be boring, and there's also a logical break where most of the instruments disappear and the string instruments are given more spotlight. It wouldn't be a truly cinematic song if it didn't have an impressive climax, which eventually follows the addition of all the instruments and the chorus together. “Malo” takes a little longer than previous singles to convince us, but at the end of the five minutes we feel satisfied that we kept listening.

OOOTOKO will release her first album on May 10 and will premiere it on May 16 at Orange of the Botanic.

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