May 30, 2024

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Google is launching a new paid version of Chrome for businesses

Google is launching a new paid version of Chrome for businesses

With Chrome Enterprise Premium, Google is offering some extra security for businesses, though of course that comes at a price.

Earlier this week, Google announced that it is expanding the Chrome family. This is done using a new version of the browser: Chrome Enterprise Premium. This is a paid version of the popular Chrome browser intended for business use.

With the Premium enterprise version For Chrome, Google is showing that it wants to better protect its business users from cyber threats. This is possible thanks to more in-depth detection capabilities and the ability to restrict access. To protect users, the browser will start using artificial intelligence. A system has been created that is able to recognize and stop malware and phishing attacks.

Moreover, the browser can be configured very well. For example, administrators can grant some web applications access to system data, or not allow them access at all. In addition, there is also a network analysis tool in the enterprise browser. It scans the traffic to and from your device and is thus able to stop unauthorized data transfers.

Existing offer

Today there is already a commercial version of Google Chrome with Chrome Enterprise. The Enterprise Premium edition builds on this and increases security. According to Google, the new browser should make IT teams' work much easier: all management tools are integrated into the browser and are easy to use.

With Chrome Enterprise Premium, Google is essentially expanding its business offerings. Businesses have been able to use the free version of Chrome Enterprise Core since 2017. It only provides basic protection against malware and phishing. At the same time, Chrome Enterprise also appeared on the market. This package already includes additional security and 24/7 customer support. The new Chrome Enterprise Premium version will be a little more expensive, but it offers additional functionality for the extra cost.

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