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Applying for a job with a hijab – Fokus Online

Applying for a job with a hijab – Fokus Online

Inclusive job platforms allow underrepresented groups to connect with potential employers. These platforms help break down barriers and promote social inclusion. It also reduces discrimination during the application process. Through these platforms, there is also a good chance that you will end up in an inclusive work environment.

The labor market faces various barriers that make it difficult for certain groups to participate in it. These barriers can be related to discrimination, bias and lack of opportunities. Comprehensive service providers play a critical role for these underrepresented groups. But how do you find those all-in-one job platforms?

Hijab at work

Including the “Hijabis At Work” platform, founded by the DEI strategist and keynote speaker Hanan Shalouqi, connects veiled women with progressive employers who welcome diversity. The platform aims to enhance the status of veiled women and create a more diverse workforce. “When the 2023 school year started, I was often asked: ‘Do you know where I can do an internship with my hijab?’” says Hanan. “Unfortunately, many companies and organizations still do not provide freedom of choice when it comes to wearing religious clothing at work. This lack Inclusivity is a great challenge for students who want to stay true to their beliefs.

This causes countless rejections and, consequently, low self-confidence, as noted by former student Sohaila Al-Semlali. “I was searching every day on LinkedIn for interesting internship vacancies. Despite sending motivational messages to many companies, I received no response. I only realized that my hijab was the reason when I received a rejection from a company that did not accept the hijab and asked If I could take it off. My answer was a firm 'no'. If I wasn't accepted for who I was, this wasn't the place for me. The days became increasingly difficult and my search for training remained fruitless.

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Working together in a diverse team strengthens existing employees and allows them to grow at every level.

– Administrator I-Diverso Sam Vanormelingen

Connect on LinkedIn

Hanan believed that the need for comprehensive business platforms and service providers was great. “So I made a post on LinkedIn with the question ‘Once and for all: In which organizations can these students do an internship?’ And there was a huge reaction to this. Many companies said this was not a problem for them at all. Reached The post reached 200,000 people and sparked more than 1,000 comments. Everything changed for Suhaila and many others when Hanan shared this popular post on LinkedIn. “I saw in the responses many companies that welcomed us with open arms. At that moment, I felt reassured and realized that success this time awaited me. I made a list of all the companies I was interested in, wrote my motivation letters and sent them out. Marketing company Fluence We responded immediately and turned out to be the perfect match. The application went smoothly and I was allowed to start immediately.” Thanks to this placement, Suhaila not only found an excellent training position, but was also able to develop quickly and successfully within a company where she felt welcome.

The overwhelming response to her post prompted Hanan to take action. “The problem is basically a lack of communication and transparency. You can solve that. That's how I came up with the idea of ​​a vacancy database.”Hijab at work“, which connects employers with a specific target group. Currently, there are 216 organizations already registered with Hijabis At Work. The platform has only been available since November 27, 2023, so this is incredible.

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“With this simple post (and the entire platform), Hanan has helped many students and job seekers like me in their internship search. Not only do we save time, we also know that the companies we apply to will accept us as we are, without having to question.” On whether our hijab is a problem. Moreover, “Hijab at Work” breaks down stereotypes and shows that inclusion and diversity make valuable contributions.”

How to integrate inclusion?

In addition to comprehensive business platforms like Hijabis At Work, there are also organizations that integrate comprehensive HR solutions with companies. They support employers in their HR service processes in the areas of recruitment, selection, onboarding, retention and growth to make their workplace (even) more inclusive and diverse. But it is important that the process does not end after hiring, says Sam Vanormelingen, an employee who specializes in human resources, including entrepreneurship. I-Diverso. “We are busy informing and sensitizing employers on a daily basis about the possibilities and benefits of an inclusive workplace. By focusing not only on recruitment procedures, but also staying focused on good employee welcome and growth policy, employees are less likely to leave.

The workplace is often a translation of society: there are different cultures, migrant workers, LGBTQIA+ groups, people with disabilities, different generations, etc. “So it makes sense that we see these differences in the workplace. So we have to give everyone an equal opportunity,” says Sam. “By giving opportunities to groups who are a certain distance from the labor market, we also help increase the employment rate, which is Good for our community. Working together in a diverse team strengthens existing employees and allows them to grow at every level.

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